Everyone wants talent that best fits their organization.

People are increasingly a valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage for organizations characterized by 3 certainties – right talent, right time, right fit.

Every talent-acquisition professional wants these great people who will make a positive impact on the business. In our first series of this white paper we explored the Employer Brand and how to use it strategically with the four components below to help build your unfair advantage in recruiting high-impact talent.

  1. Define the brand. Differentiate the company with a strong brand, and generate in candidate’s positive feelings and motivation to join.

  2. Create “persona-based” workflows. Richly imagine the lives of typical high-impact candidates, and design processes for reaching them.

  3. Curate and create marketing content. Identify the existing online content, as well as the need for content creation, that will attract the best candidates in each of the “persona” categories.

  4. Amplify the brand. Build and promote talent communities to strengthen the branding efforts.

In today’s second series we will explore the next 4 steps which involve engaging all talent at a much more effective and deep level. Accomplishing this next level will require technology – automation, fine-tuning and metrics necessary to gain an “unfair” competitive advantage and keep it.

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