Your Partner in a Complex Global World.

To an RPO, results and differentiation mean the world. gr8 People offers the only mobile, global, all-in-one Place, multitenant platform that strengthens an RPO’s opportunity to deliver a high-touch recruiting experience entirely configured to each client solution needs. No need to log-in and out of multiple solutions.

Everything you do with the gr8 People Platform is easier and more intuitive. Whether you’re sourcing candidates, building talent pipelines, creating marketing campaigns, communicating, scheduling interviews, recruiting globally, or bringing on new hires, you can do it all-in-one place with one source of data to tell each client's individual talent story.

It’s everything your team needs to recruit gr8. All-in-one place.

The uncompromising performance of the gr8 People Platform is driven by some uncompromising features made in order to meet your companies demands worldwide and stay one step ahead of the competition including:

From Source-to-Onboard and Everything in-between.

Build talent pipelines to strengthen relationships and engage with talent ahead of demand. Promote your employment brand to attract the best through email, social media and websites. Deliver high-impact recruiting campaigns and track performance to engage the best talent. Collaborate and share best practices with your team and partners. Hire the best, to be the best – its all here.

Unparalleled Technology, Domain Expertise

All-in-one, single code-base leveraging functionality throughout, providing the foundation for unmatched performance and endurance. The gr8 People single code-base keeps innovation at the forefront of our design. With all customers on the same version of code, new features, ideas and input are shared offering all an unfair advantage.

Scalable Solution all around the World.

Available anytime, anywhere, any country, language or location – the only enterprise-class solution designed to support the deep deployments and high volume demands of today’s largest global organizations.

Seamless Solution & Integrations

Streamlined implementation with a self-service studio, integrates seamlessly with your existing HRIS and other third party applications.

Personalized and configurable to your environment and needs

Solution can be configured to handle the workflow, business processes and language your business requires.

It’s safe and secure.

gr8 People protects your data with world-class physical, network, application, and data-level security. We maintain a formal and comprehensive security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of customer data; protecting against security threats or data breaches, and preventing unauthorized access to data.

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