You need to see it to believe it.

Every industry. Any size or location. Our all-in-one platform is designed and built not only to be multi-tenant, but also operate as you, the user needs it to operate - local, global, role-based, with workflows and extensive configuration to understand your business processes so users can compete at the speed of business, with ground breaking innovation and purpose-built performance.

Everything you do with the gr8 People Platform is easier and more intuitive. Whether you’re sourcing candidates, creating marketing campaigns, communicating, scheduling interviews, recruiting globally, or bringing on new hires, you can do it all-in-one place. Hire better, faster and easier!

Find Top Talent.

More Ways to Build Talent Pipelines

Proactively build your organization's talent communities and pipelines. Manage interactions, reduce cycle times, strengthen relationships and engage with talent ahead of demand.

Bring Talent Campaigns to Life

Build striking landing pages and campaigns to promote your unique employment brand to attract the best. Utilize simple drag and drop tools to create customized mobile-responsive ready campaigns. And enjoy built-in analytics for precise traffic analysis by clicks, day-by-day breakdown of performance; plus how candidates transition from one stage to the next as a result of the campaign.

Insights for Better Talent Actions

Market smarter. Utilize configurable intelligence panes, reporting, and dashboards to provide you with real-time information about campaigns, messages, and lead conversions to hires.

Build Better Relationships.

More Ways to Bump up your Brand

Strengthen your marketing efforts with personalized content to deliver meaningful messages to talent. Improve the entire candidate experience from campaigns, referrals, talent communities and social networks to ensure that the right person, with the right skills, makes it to your recruiting team - at the right time.

Goal-based Campaigns in Action

Goals are essential to your talent strategies.  With goal based campaigns you can increase success by designing and delivering high-impact marketing communications and campaigns. Track success by clicks, day-by-day breakdown of performance, and watch candidates transition through the pipeline funnel.

Convert fans into Leads and Hires.

Turn campaigns, events and contests into leads. Create configurable templates to create promotions that help you attract and capture leads. Monitor your success and schedule posts and tweets with gr8 Job!™ to get the word out.

Work Better Together

More Ways to Recruit Better Together

Bring together recruiters, information, and business to hire the best, drive engagement and deliver meaningful results. With collaboration built throughout, gr8 People is designed to share content, knowledge and interactions for agile teams to work together without barriers.

Collaboration Comes to Life in the Watercooler

Plan and discuss recruiting, talent strategies, share files, gather ideas and feedback to get the most from teams. The watercooler helps users communicate faster and build collaborative knowledge by sharing and discussing within a secure, unified application.

Communicate Openly for Superior Results

It’s all about capturing information and conversation to produce results. Some of the best ideas come from spontaneous threads where sharing of knowledge, documents, and strategies stay grouped with stream discussions so your team has access to targeted information when they need it.

Best Candidate Experience

Turbo-boost your Candidate Experience

Create a happy candidate experience with communication, regard and respect to attract and retain top performers. Design remarkable brand-centric career site experiences to drive engagement and maximize conversion.

You had Me at Apply

Candidate happiness begins with an ultra-simplified apply process. With just a click, candidates can easily apply to express interest in a job on desktops, tablets or mobile devices. Offer additional delight with videos, two-way communication, and easy next step progressions.

Measure your Employment Value Proposition

At the core of a successful employer brand is a clear employee value proposition. Build methods to measure the EVP by building candidate surveys and people metrics.  Analyze data by key employee populations to identify trends and key themes to drive results, exceed goals and gain visibility and insights.

Hire the Best. No Limitations

Uncompromising Hiring Performance

gr8 People has put the power to perform back in talent professionals hands with our breakthrough platform that brings sourcing, marketing, collaboration, hiring and onboarding strategies to life. All-in-one, more powerful, but remarkably simple. It’s all the ways you love to recruit with a platform that surpasses all others in productivity, agility and intelligence.

From Source to Board and Everything In Between

We put the hiring power in your hands from career sites, job postings, requisitions, marketing, screening, assessments, interviews, offer management and so much more — we’ve got it covered.

Any Device. Anywhere

Business is expanding around the world, as is where you find your talent. Manage your entire hiring process via phone or tablet enjoying multi-language and localization support. On the go or around the world - target the best talent to build the greatest teams.

Analytics to tell your Talent Story

Tell your Talent Story

gr8 People brings all your talent stats from every data point in to one seamless view your team will love. A one-platform continuum brings the business intelligence and analytics to help companies gain valuable insights - providing them the intelligence to drive better talent decisions faster and more informed.

No Blind Spots with Insights Everywhere

Say goodbye to disconnected tools and siloed databases. Move beyond the reports tab with data insights throughout the gr8 People Platform. Utilize insights to see the whole picture from every touch point; from source to hire all-in-one place.

Compliance for All

gr8 People protects customer data with Best-in-Class EEO / OFCCP compliance functionality ensuring conformity and auditability. We understand data privacy regulations and how to properly protect personal data and certify to the U.S.- EU Safe Harbor privacy framework.

Breakthrough Platform

Say Goodbye Status Quo

We set out to do the impossible: engineer a full-sized recruiting experience into the most impressive and robust platform ever. Every industry. Any size or location. Designed to be multi-tenant, but also operate as you, the user, needs it to operate - local, global, role-based, with workflows and extensive configuration to understand your business processes so users can compete at the speed of business, with ground breaking innovation and purpose-built performance.

All for One. And One for All

The gr8 People single code-base keeps innovation at the forefront of our design. With all customers on the same version of code, new features, ideas and input are shared offering all an unfair advantage. Using modern web-centric technologies, our single code base allows us to easily and consistently out-perform competitors in the key platform areas of scale, availability, security, flexibility, ease of use, workflow automation and customer satisfaction.

It’s safe and secure.

gr8 People protects your data with world-class physical, network, application, and data-level security. We maintain a formal and comprehensive security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of customer data; protecting against security threats or data breaches, and preventing unauthorized access to data.